committed to contribute to the world by pushing the boundaries of Nanofiber and other state of the art technologies.

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Company Profile

About M-TEchX United

M-TEchX United is a joint venture between M-TEchX Inc. Japan and United Oil Company Singapore. It was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Singapore.

In this world, there exist miraculous technologies that solve various challenges.
Our mission is to create miracles to tap technology to its maximum potential to resolve these challenges and contribute to society.
M-TEchx strives to apply our accumulated proven technological knowledge in “Miracle Technologies” to contribute to both our customers and the society.

Our Values

Our technology in the mass production of Nanofiber and naturally derived food formulation is unique and unattainable by our competitors. We strive to capitalize on this technology to grow our businesses, along with making contributions to the society.

We do not simply manage technology; we excel in establishing businesses with fundamental technology as their foundation. Our business model centers around uncovering technologies with untapped potential, combining them to create novel products which we build businesses around.

As one of the leading companies in Japan, we focus on building a pool of talents for the commercialization, as well as developing cutting edge technology.

Collaborating with our business partners, we capitalize on new technologies, conducting research and development to create innovative products. Beyond domestic Japanese manufacturers, we also form alliances with overseas manufacturers, investors and venture capitalists in various specialized fields.

Company Overview
Item Subject
Trade Name M-TEchX United
Location 14 Tuas Drive 2, Singapore
Contact Information TEL +65-6861-1157 FAX +65-6861-3101
Business Descriptions
  1. Research and development, mass production and sales of Nanofiber/chemical fiber.
  2. Develop, manufacture and sales of Nanofiber products.
Business Descriptions
Headquarters (United Oil Company)

14 Tuas Drive 2, Singapore
TEL +65-6861-1157
FAX +65-6861-3101