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Privacy Policy

M-TEchX United /About Handling Personal Information

M-TEchX United (hereinafter referred to as “our Company”) has established the following policies to implement protective measures for the safeguarding of personal information. All our employees are fully aware of the importance to safeguard personal information and we strictly abide to the protocol of these measures. Therefore, your personal information is secure with us.

1. Managing Personal Information
Our Company has implemented strict protocols and protective measures such as the maintenance of security systems/streamlining management policies/conducting relevant employee training to prevent unauthorized access/loss/damage/forgery/leaks of personal information and ensuring that the information is accurate and updated.

2. Purpose of using Personal Information
Our Company will only use personal information for distributing company information, announcements/notifications, questionnaires, emails and relevant documents.

3. Disclosure/Provision of Personal Information to Third Party are Prohibited
Our Company takes strict measures to manage personal information of our customers and will not disclose such information to any third party, except with the customer’s consent.

4. With Customer’s Consent
In the case where our Company discloses the information to business operator(s) for the purpose of providing the service(s) requested by the customer.
In the case where disclosure is required under the law.

5. Safety Measures to Protect Personal Information
Our Company has implemented strict security measures to uphold the accuracy and safety of personal information.

6. Personal Request
Our Company will process the request for any inquiry/modification/deletion of personal information of our customers once we have verified the identity of the corresponding account holder.

7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Our Company will abide and comply with applicable laws and regulations of Japan to protect personal information that has been stored within the company. We will also timely review the contents of our policies to enhance the protection.

8. Contact Us
Please contact us directly for any inquiry pertaining to the handling matters of personal information.